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House fire in Cohoes leaves two families homeless | News

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House fire in Cohoes leaves two families homeless

COHOES - Several people in Cohoes are wondering where they're going to live after fire tore through a two-family home at 83 Younglove Ave. Monday evening.

The glow of emergency lights and fire lit up the sky, smoke filled the air and people packed the sidewalk as they watched fire rip through the house.

Neighbors who lived behind the house saw the flames first. The Maloney family ran over to alert the people inside that their house was on fire and took care of their dogs who escaped the flames.

"I just can't believe it happened so fast. Everyone knows everyone and it's just so sad to see this happen to new people," said neighbor Maggie Maloney.

The people living in the two-family home had just moved in about three months ago.

"He basically lost everything. Unfortunately, they lost the cat. Pretty upset over that," said Ron Taylor Sr. His son and the son's girlfriend lived on the first floor of the house. They are expecting a baby this spring.

"They just lost all the baby clothes. Everything is gone," Taylor said.

Firefighters still don't know what caused the house to catch fire. 

Taylor says he wishes his son had decided to get renter's insurance.

"He's probably got ten, twelve, $15,000 of stuff he just lost. If I was to say anything to anyone (it would be) if you're renting property, get the insurance. It's $4 a month," Taylor said.




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